Why The Pen Are Your Go-To For A Creative Accountant In Surry Hills

If your business operates within the creative industries, you’ll want to seek out an accountant in Surry Hills that understands your field.

Work within creative and innovative spaces is so vastly different from other industries within Australia, meaning your taxes and financial management is guaranteed to be different too. At The Pen, we specialise in providing outside-the-box accounting solutions, tailored to suit your business’s needs. So, what is it that sets us about from other accountants in Surry Hills?


We Back The Aussie Dreamers, Pioneers, And Visionaries

At The Pen, we understand that Australia’s creative industries jobs are an important part of the economic backbone of Australia. As of 2018, our creative economy employed more than 600,000 people, makes up 5.5% of Australia’s job market, and contributes $90.2 billion to the national economy annually. Today it is one of the fastest-growing industries, growing by an average of 2.2% every year. The Pen has experience working with;


  • Creative industries. Whether you work in architecture, marketing and advertising, film and television, music and performing arts, publishing, visual arts, or software and digital content development; The Pen can provide you with tailored tax and financial services.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs. These are the people driving our countries development forward. They are busy creating products that stimulate our economy, and at The Pen, we are always honoured to work with these creative industry pioneers.
  • Small to medium business owners. We adore our small and medium business clients. These are the businesses creating jobs in our communities and making a dent in the world of large corporations. We understand the personal investment business owners make in both money and time, so we work hard to deliver the very best accounting advice and bookkeeping in Surry Hills.
  • Sole traders. We have respect for those who have decided to march to their own beat and become their own bosses. We understand the inconsistencies that can come with sole trader and freelance work, so we’re confident that we can provide the very best in financial and tax services.

Creative Businesses Need Creative Accounting Solutions

A business within the creative industries naturally requires creative accounting solutions. Some businesses operate seasonally, some work inconsistently in the gig market, and others have a flow of investments coming in. No two creative businesses are the same, so The Pen offer tailored financial strategies to each of our clients. Our swathe of services include;

  • Payroll and bookkeeping in Surry Hill
  • Training for Xero Accounting systems
  • Reporting as needed for your business
  • Virtual CFO services
  • Wealth growth strategies
  • Income tax services for individuals, sole traders, and businesses
  • Business advisory services

We Offer Unparalleled Industry Experience

The team at The Pen have decades of accounting and taxation experience under our belts combined with a passion for working with entrepreneurial Australians. As well as being fully qualified, licensed tax accountants, The Pen team have a proven track record of delivering the highest quality results to our clients. We are committed to working side-by-side with creative business owners, helping them grow, improve their financial operations, and achieve their business goals. One of the key things that set The Pen apart is our love of personal and professional growth. None of the team has ever shied away from a challenge, and we push our clients to do the same. We’re here to support you and for your business; it’s as simple as that.


When You Need An Accountant In Surry Hills, Contact The Pen

The Pen are renowned for our financial advisory services, commitment to clients, and premium bookkeeping in Surry Hills. We’re proud to be the first choice accounting firm for Sydney creatives, and we’re dedicated to providing support, tax advice, and financial strategies to those brave enough to chase their dreams in the creative industries. If you’re after an accountant in Surry Hills who understands your passion, your drive, and your determination, look no further than The Pen. Contact us today to organise a consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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