Why Should You Hire External Bookkeeping Services In Surry Hills?

Whether you’re a sole trader selling homemade artisan candles at the markets or you’re a business owner running a large art gallery; every business needs an effective, qualified bookkeeper.

The next question, however, is whether to hire an internal accountant or seek out external bookkeeping services in Surry Hills. The Pen is an accounting firm offering bookkeeping to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We believe external bookkeeping in Surry Hills is the sensible, most effective answer for most businesses. Here are just a handful of reasons why hiring external accountants are the better long-term choice for your business.


Always Be Ready For Tax Time

The last thing you need is to be ill-prepared when tax time rolls around. By hiring The Pen Bookkeeping Studio’s services, your claim will always be ready to lodge whenever you are.


  • We’ll prevent errors. Mistakes on your tax lodgement forms can be incredibly costly. An external bookkeeper’s job is to keep an eye on your business’s financial position and record receipts, bills, and invoices correctly. As we aren’t caught up in the day to day operations of your business, we’re able to quickly and efficiently handle your accounting and payroll bookkeeping in Sydney so you’re always up to date.
  • Everything will be lodged on time. From end of year statements to BAS and GST forms, you’ll never have to worry about deadlines again. We ensure your lodgements are taken care of so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • We’ll maximise your returns and deductions. All year round, The Pen will be looking for opportunities to maximise your return come tax time. Our external bookkeeping services in Surry Hills are able to focus solely on your accounts, so we can be sure you’re getting the most out of your return every year.


Save Yourself Time

There is nothing worse than spending lots of time trying to take care of your own bookkeeping only to have errors that you then have to figure out how to fix. Why bother wasting your time when you could let The Pen Bookkeeping Studio take care of your bookkeeping in Surry Hills?


  • You won’t have to micro-manage. It’s hard to manage an in-house accountant when you don’t fully understand accounting or taxation. How will you know they’re doing the right thing before it’s too late? You can take the guesswork and the worry out of it by hiring the services of reputable, experienced external bookkeeping professionals.
  • More time for your business. When you hire The Pen’s bookkeeping services in Surry Hills, you can use your newfound spare time to focus on other aspects of the business that demand your attention.
  • We keep everything up to date. In order for you to grow your business, you need to understand its current financial position. Otherwise, you’re just using guesswork when making important decisions for the future.
  • Remove the stress of payroll. The Pen’s bookkeeping services for payroll make paying your employees their entitlements so much simpler. Let the industry professionals take over and streamline your payroll services. The Pen will even help you convert the latest accounting software and provide one-on-one training so you can always keep an eye on your business’s accounts.


Bookkeeping In Surry Hills Is Cost-Efficient

One of the best parts about hiring external bookkeeping services in Surry Hills is the money your business will save.


  • Pay for the services you need. Rather than paying for a full time bookkeeper, The Pen’s accounting software allows you to track when we’re working on your accounts in real time, so you’ll only pay for the work completed rather than a set wage.
  • Options for all businesses. Regardless of your business’s size, The Pen has a bookkeeping solution perfect for you. We’ve worked with small and large businesses before, so we understand the different needs of both.
  • External bookkeeping services are scalable. The Pen’s accountants are specialists are helping businesses grow, so we understand that your accounting solutions will need to grow with your business. We forecast and plan ahead for growth, helping you adapt invoices, accounts, superannuation, debt management, lodgements, and payroll bookkeeping in Sydney to grow as you need them. At The Pen, you’ll never have to pay for services you won’t be using.


Call The Pen When You Need To Hire Bookkeeping Services In Surry Hills

The Pen Bookkeeping Studio is renowned for our financial advisory services, commitment to clients, and professional external bookkeeping services in Sydney. We’re proud to be the first choice accounting firm for Sydney creatives, and we’re dedicated to providing support, tax advice, and financial strategies to those brave enough to chase their dreams in the creative industries.

If you’re after a firm who specialise in creative agency accounting that will understand your passion, your drive, and your determination, look no further than The Pen Bookkeeping Studio.

Contact us today to organise a consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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