Good Ways to Find a Suitable Accountant In Sydney

As a business, you cannot afford to dismiss professional accounting. You’ll be assured of your financial security. Looking for the best accounting service? Well, it can be a simple process or a major headache. Knowing where to begin can help the choosing process. There are a couple of things you should have in mind when looking for an accountant in Sydney.


Your financial needs will dictate the kind of accountant you want. The nature of your work will also determine the type of accountant you wish to hire. What is your budget? High end businesses and financial projects may require an accountant that charges more. As you weigh in on your personal preferences, find out good ways to find a suitable accountant in Sydney.


1.Don’t Be Shy To Ask Around


Before you launch a search online or resort to business directories, look around you. You may just be surprised at how resourceful people around you can be in helping you find the right accountant in Sydney for your business.


Speak to those in your business network. Ask if they know of a good accountant for hire. Don’t forget to ask your friends and colleagues as well. Everyone else you know in your industry could also point you to prospects.


2.Check Online


If asking around doesn’t yield the results you expected, go ahead and check online. Nearly all the accountants firms in Sydney today have an online presence.


Examine the independent reviews and ratings. Narrow your options to those with more positive ratings and encouraging reviews.


Check their websites as well. Learn about the services they offer and what makes them different from the rest. Look through post updates, client reviews and any other information that will help you make the right decision.


3.Draw Up A List Of Potential Accounting Services 


During your search, gather as many prospective candidates as you can. Thereafter, start to examine each of them thoroughly as you narrow down your list further.


Compare their suitability in terms of rates, location, flexibility, customer support etc. A suitable accountant in Sydney for you is the one who matches as many of your needs as possible.


You will realize that some accountants firms in Sydney charge high rates and offer quality accounting services. Others will charge lower rates for the same quality of services in an effort to attract more clients. But don’t be quick to choose the affordable option before you consider the rest of the factors we mentioned earlier.


4.Come Up With A List Of Questions


As you narrow down on the most suitable accountant in Sydney, have a checklist handy. Do not make the mistake of hiring an accountant based on the factors we mentioned alone. Do thorough vetting as well.  Here are some tips to guide you:


  • Find out the range of services your prospective accountants firms in sydney offer


  • What are the billing rates? How much will you be charged for financial advice? What is the preferred channel of communication? (Phone calls and emails have low costs)


  • Are they familiar with your tax requirements for your business?


  • Most businesses these days have an e-commerce platform. Can the accountant comfortably manage an online business?


  • Your business might have dealings outside the country. Is the accounting firm well versed in international tax issues?


These are but some of the questions you need to include in your list.


5.Schedule A meet


First meetings are very important as they set the tone for the entire session. You’ll also be able to know if the accountant works for you.


Observe how the accountant present himself/herself. Are they welcoming, taking in your financial concerns with careful consideration? Are they able to give you insight regarding your finances and answer any burning questions you have about their services?


Positive observations reinforce the accountant’s proficiency.


During a meet up, you’ll generally be able to tell if you will have an easier time working with your prospective accountant in Sydney.


6.Does The Accounting Firm Have Expertise In Your Job Industry


A suitable accountant in Sydney for you is one that has working experience in your area. Here’s why this matters.


Accountants firms in Sydney that only cater to food business, for example, may not be well conversant with how tax filings for a cleaning company are made. Also, they may not be aware of all the financial regulations that govern that particular industry. Hiring them therefore exposes you to risks that could ruin your business.


Understandably, there are accountant firms in Sydney that offer a wide range of finance services. You are likely to come across those with experience that spans various industries. You can count on such a firm to deliver exceptional results for your business.


7.Check Out Their Portfolio


You can tell a great accountant in Sydney based on how impressive their track record is. A long list of satisfied clients is a sign that offer reliable services.


Such accountants will not have excuses sharing with you a list of tasks they have completed successfully, plus details of past and existing clients.


Call some of them to hear their feedback. Are they any success stories? What’s making the clients to stay? Such questions will tell you more about the accountant’s proficiency.


A rich portfolio generally speaks volumes about the potential of accountant in Sydney. It is a sure sign of effectiveness.




Effective communication is a vital part of any business dealing. Without it, you will not be able to have a fruitful relationship with your accountant in Sydney.  This is one area you should examine thoroughly.  Learn about how they communicate, the channels they use, availability, and so on.


As far as finances are concerned, quick responses, effective teamwork and your personal involvement are necessary. This ensures that both you and the accounting firm are always on the same page.


Armed with all these tips, it should be easier for you to find a suitable accountant in Sydney for your business. All the best in your search!


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