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If you’re wondering what a film production accountant in Sydney does, the team at The Pen can give you some insight into the exciting day-to-day of an accountant in film.

The world of film and television production is glamorous and mysterious. When people think of jobs in production, they often think of directors, makeup artists, camera operators, sound designers, and casting directors. Production accountants don’t often come to mind. However, they are one of the most integrally essential people within the industry. If you’re wondering what a film production accountant in Sydney does, the team at The Pen can give you some insight into the exciting day-to-day life of an accountant in film.


What does a Film Production Accountant do?

A film production accountant in Sydney performs many of the same tasks as a regular accountant; however, they do it all in the middle of the creative mess that is film production. An accountant in the film will take care of;


  • Budgeting. We work closely with producers pre- and post-production to develop budgets and cost reports for investors. We then have a responsibility to ensure the projects stay within budget.
  • Payroll. Everyone working onset, from the movie stars and directors to the grips and assistants, need to be paid. Depending on the size of the project, The Pen may enlist the help of more than one production accountant to ensure each employee receives accurate superannuation, leave entitlements, and union payments.
  • Expenditures. Anything to be purchased throughout the production process will, at some point, come across the desk of the production accountant. We ensure everything bought will serve a purpose in creating the best film possible.
  • Records. We’ll keep track of the project’s financial statements, income, expenses, and performance so we can accurately take care of the production’s bookkeeping needs.
  • Funding applications. If your project requires government or private funding, we can write comprehensive applications that include cost reports, budgets, and financial forecasts. If funding is granted, we’ll then take care of the reporting regulations and ensure the money is spent correctly.



Signs you may need a Film Production Accountant in Sydney

If you’re working on producing and creating a film, you need to be on-set doing a million and one things at a time. You don’t have time for the paperwork and accounting, and you shouldn’t need to find the time; that’s what The Pen is here for. Here are a few signs you may want to contact an accountant in the film industry.


Firstly, you’re struggling to chase down contractors. It’s a fact of the film industry that there are a lot of contractors and freelancers working onset. To get paid, they need to provide receipts and proof of their work. Sometimes, you’ll need to chase down specific documentation from them to ensure they pay you correctly, and let’s face it; you don’t have time for that! Leave the hassle of accounts to The Pen. We’ve been working as film production accountants for years, and we’re very accustomed to the vibrant, crazy, busy life onset.


Secondly, you need funding. If you’re applying to Screen Australia or private organisations for grants and funding and it’s going nowhere, let The Pen take care of it for you. Your film production accountant in Sydney knows exactly what you need to do, say, and demonstrate to secure funding for your project.


Lastly, The Australian government offers all kinds of tax incentives to film producers. The Pen can look at the tax offsets on offer and select the one that best benefits you and your business.


What sets The Pen apart?

There’s a reason more creative businesses are turning to The Pen for all their accounting and taxation needs.


We’re here for the dreamers, the pioneers, and the visionaries. At The Pen, we specialise in accounting and taxation for the creative economy. We’re here to support the artists, the musicians, the designers, the writers, the actors, the filmmakers, the content creators, and every other creative sector that helps to make up the backbone of Australia’s economy. We’re here to offer our services to indie filmmakers and large production companies alike.


We have plenty of industry experience. The team at The Pen have decades of accounting and taxation experience under our belts combined with a passion for working with entrepreneurial Australians. Each of our accountants is fully licensed, qualified, and dedicated to providing the very best service to our clients.


We genuinely care about your business. The Australian film industry contributes $22.5 billion annually to our economy. We’re here to help you thrive in your craft and assist with your financial and tax needs as you pursue your art.

When you need an Accountant for Film Productions, contact The Pen

The Pen is renowned for our financial advisory services, commitment to clients, and professional taxation services in Sydney. We’re your top choice for creative agency accounting in Sydney, offering dedicated support, tax advice, and financial strategies. If you want a firm that truly understands your passion and determination, choose The Pen. Contact us today to organise a consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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