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  • Businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of $10 million are considered Small Businesses for taxation purposes, therefore we have compiled a list of areas to consider befo

  • Every month, there are literally dozens upon dozens of articles in the public domain dealing with financial advice for individuals, SMEs, and start-ups. It could be difficult

  • Another month has passed us by, and as everyone else, we’re left wondering “where is this year going?” It also doesn't help when some of the stores are starting to stock Chris

  • Nothing is certain but death and taxes, or so goes the paraphrased proverb from Benjamin Franklin. But with the advent of the digital age, the tax-time scams are becoming just

  • Now that the financial year is over, it's time to focus on your return - and how you can avoid any headaches from the ATO. In the past, the ATO would highlight specific occupa

  • I know, those are some of the most painful words to hear this time of year. They elicit feelings of dread and pain - but that's where The Pen is here to help. This tax season,