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  • Directors are now required to register for a unique identification number that they will keep for life.

  • In the past decade, the landscape of digital technology and its impact on the way Australian businesses are operated and managed has changed dramatically.

  • Whether you’re a sole trader selling homemade artisan candles at the markets or you’re a business owner running a large art gallery; every business needs an effective, qualifi

  • Tax time is stressful, and it can be tempting to just quickly do up your tax lodgement yourself so you can get your tax return and start spending.

  • In an attempt to reign in undeclared income, proposed new laws will require platform providers in the sharing economy to report all transactions through their platforms.  

  • When people consider contacting an accountant in Sydney, they rarely look beyond having their tax returns filed. However, the accountants at The Pen have so much more to offer

  • If your business operates within the creative industries, you’ll want to seek out an accountant in Surry Hills that understands your field.

  • The Premier and Treasurer announced a special COVID-19 relief package for small businesses impacted by the latest lockdown.

  • We have summarised the key 1 July 2021 changes and their implications.   1.Super guarantee rate increase to 10%   On 1 July 2021, the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) r

  • Australia has had its fair share of disasters over the last few years – drought, bushfires and floods – that have ramped up the volume of insurance claims. Most people would a

  • If you worked from home during lockdown and spent money on work related items that were not reimbursed by your business, you might be able to claim some of these expenses as a

  • We can all agree that personally managing finances is no easy task. This is a problem every business, no matter the size or industry,  faces when starting out and growing. Wha